need help= free anti virus guys

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by NY_HOOD, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. got a virus. what a good free anti virus soft ware? i already have AVG but its minimal. any i can download on the net thats safe?
  2. JamesL


    comodo or avast
  3. use the following, all free.

    super anti spyware (remove the startup option)

    ccleaner to clean your HD and reg
    startuprun to see what starts when you start your cpu
    defraggle to defrag your hd
    use revo uninstalller when you want to uninstall a prog

    There are more but these are my core basics
  4. Wow, that is almost verbatim what I am doing here myself too.
  5. microsoft security essentials works for me. it is free.

    i would try it first, it may catch your virus and you don't need to play with all those other things.
  6. How does Defraggler compare to the default Windows defrag tool?