Need Help for Real time system trading

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Mark2m, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Mark2m


    Need input from the community on the following: I would like to have both Charts and a real time quotes on futures, etf's, and some selected stocks. The present program I have will do this, clean charts, although not intuitive and limited in speed and problems with Ib data and the program. It is easier to get new chart program than to replace 4 IB accounts.
    I have looked into various real time charting programs, but few have the ability to have a list of symbols that can be opened to a chart of my choosing 1min-Day, plus various indicators.
    I am presently using TC2000 for EOD, and Ensign (tobe replaced) for real time, but need to find something that will work without spending $150+ per month. Using IB feed due to Futures, TSX, Venture, Nasdaq, as part of my data stream. My indicator needs are very basic , moving average, and fib projections.
    Any suggestions? Thank You.