Need help for Gold and Silver Investment

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  1. Hello guys,

    I like to know about- How to get best return form Gold Silver investment?

    Thanks for your advice
  2. sell it to your neighbour at 3 times your cost.


  3. Sounds like Forex...

  4. What type of money are you working with as you really can't get much better than Futures.. Or look at weekly options on etf's/miners which require alot less capital and more potential for upside gain.

  5. jsp326


    I wouldn't take this too seriously. The OP has also asked similar broad/vague "How do I make money in forex?" questions but gave this definition of successful trader:

    "A successful trader must be someone who has the ability to analyze the ups & downs of any currencies & commodities and can predict the future trends.

    I will be glad if I can help you guys..........................."

    Either a troll or totally confused noob.
  6. ya think.............:D

  7. I don't find your question very clear but if you have a micro lot account with FXOpen, you can click on the Marketwatch window inside Metatrader4 and right-click on a currency pair and click on "show all" to show gold and silver in the pull-down menu in the platform. They allow you to trade 0.1 (units of what I don't know, all I know is when I had a temporary loss once it was only $2, not $200 or $2000 but two dollars).
  8. the question is quite broad, you can buy gold ang try selling it at a higher price, specially if the wife got lots of friends :)

    another way is to trade metals, its somewhat like trading forex, though i trade with hotforex but never tried trading metals :)
  9. I prefer Futures and Gold Miners ETF

    GC - Futures - Volatile "spread and slippage can be costly if scalping",
    I like it for position trades and occasionally momentum scalping when near my S/R levels

    Gold - Miners

    GLD - can be tricky, due to contango / backwardization and fund capital gains treatment

    Perform your due diligence -- As a starting point

    FYI: More detailed Inquiry, would most likely produce more detailed responses

    PS: Probably doesn't belong in the Forex threads...
  10. Just caught this... probably right...
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