Need help for easylanguage coding in MC

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cwl18, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. cwl18


    Hi all,

    I need some help in coding for easylanguage in MultiCharts. I am using MC 5.0 Gold at the moment. I posted the same request in their forum with no luck so I am trying in here instead.

    Basically, I have 2 different markets plot on the same chart. Let’s call them data1 and data2. I base my signal generated from the data in data1 and data2. However, data2 has a different timeframe. I use 4000 volume bar for data2 and 350 volume bar for data1.
    My problem: I found out that if I write my code for backtesting, because the two data streams are of different speed, they aren’t in sync and my signal coming out are all in the wrong place.

    I think that MC use bar number for their reference and not time for reference, but I have no luck playing around with their time functions. More specifically , I try using lastcalcsstime_s function but unsuccessful.

    I wonder if anyone can help me on this, please be more specific in your answer as I am still new in easylanguage.

    Thanks in advance.

    Clayton :)
  2. Please give me a link of your issue on the MultiCharts forum.