need help for configure a system to support four DVI LCD monitors

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  1. Dell-Boy

    It looks like you have your monitors on some type of multple monitor rack stacked. I am looking for such a layout for 8 monitors. Please advise
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  2. No problem Butter ,I use a very-Expensive system to join my monitors (VELCRO) 4 Meters strips $1.88 ,Sorry for the pun but if you have a back surface for the monitors to lay velcro can hold up-to 14kg of weight , The monitors have been there for months and have not-moved one bit ,

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  3. Thanks Dell-Boy
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  4. Dont-forget The RUSHMORE runs on DDR (The best you can get) for ram & gives ras of 2048*1536 I Wish to make this point because all you hear is (MATROX.MATROX) I have nothing to do with (Appian) except that i have one-of there cards which runs great on my set-up at a good price ,Look around and you can sort-yourself out at a good price .(Thats What All Traders Do) Look for the (PRICE)....(A GATHERING OF PEOPLE THAT WILL PAY) (AT A CERTAIN LEVEL) The bit in the middle is where you make the money....

    I Love Life .........................
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  5. gnome


    Gee, Dell-boy.... little enamored with Appian?

    The Rushmore only supports 1280x1024 in DVI. They do have a quad for about $650 though.

    I guess we talk about Matrox, Matrox because they're commonly available and perhaps the value leader.

    However, the best new card solution in terms of performance and price at UXGA would be 2 each Nvidia 280 NVS cards.
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