need help for configure a system to support four DVI LCD monitors

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  1. I am trying to configure a desktop to drive four 20" DVI LCD monitors (Dell 2001fp) . Can Somebody help me to find appropriate graphic cards and mother boards? Do I need to find a motherboard with two PCIeX16 slots? Since I mainly run eSignal and IB TWS, the speed of the video cards is not crucial. Thanks.

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    1. 2 each Nvidia 280 NVS PCI dualhead cards. 2X $150 ish = $300 ish

    2. Nvidia 280 NVS AGP + PCI cards... if you get a rig with AGP.

    There may be some quads which will work, but likely much more expensive.
  4. Go with 2 dual PCI cards as gnome suggests. I would not spend the money on a quad card unless you are short on expansion slots on your motherboard.
  5. u do not need DVI. majority of video card with dual video output has 1 VGA & 1 DVI.
  6. Thanks for all the information. Is it possible to rotate each screen independently if I use two PCI dual dvi cards? I may rotate all LCD monitors 90 degree, therefore I need to support four screens at 1200 x 1600 each. Thanks.
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    That will be up to the monitor... it will have to have pivot capability and have drivers to support it. Veryify that before you buy; not all monitors have that feature. Not sure about the "independent" pivot capability.... might be related to what the driver will allow. That is, the driver may require both monitors to be pivoted.
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    Your link shows max resolution 1280 x 1024.
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    I agree with gnome. I am running this setup with 4 19" LCD monitors with all 4 monitors rotated 90 deg. I bought PNY cards and went to nVidias web site for the latest drivers and desktop manager. Stable as a rock and relatively inexpensive if you have MB slots available. nVidia's desktop manager does the rotation for you so if your monitor stands can pivot you're all set.

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