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  1. I am currently using Interactive Brokers with NinjaTrader, however on Forex trades the minimum commission is $2.5. Are there any Forex brokers that will work with NinjaTrader that does not have a min commission? I want to ease my strategy into real time by trading small lots until it proves itself. The $2.5 commission is cost prohibitive for doing this.

  2. is this what they charge for Idealpro $2.5 per side?
  3. Hello Frost,

    Do you use more limit orders getting in and out or are you using market orders HFT
  4. they have a formula, it comes out to $2.50 per 100k.

    If you want to trade less than 100k, you still pay the $2.50 (approx) commission.

    So, like on EUR/USD where the spread is usually less that one pip, on a 100k, you pay $2.50 plus a pip (or less) which is another $10.

    With a mm, you pay no commissiion but the spread may be an extra pip.

    So with a mm, on 100k, you pay $20.

    But below 100k, it may make sense to pay the pip and go with the mm.
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  6. What is the commission structure at Mirus like for Forex.
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  9. MB Trading u get paid on limit orders going in AND take profits going out. You pay no commision on the trade. On market orders 100k they just dropped the commission from 2.90 the. New lower price per 100k I am uncertain of u should chat with them if your interested
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    Standard rate is .00002 with 2.50 minimum
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