Need help finding a way to trade with a 1/100 (risk/reward)

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    Could someone please point me to a relatively safe trade with a 1/100 Risk Reward.
    For example, I'm willing to risk all of $10k (and lose it all) in order to potentially make 100 times of it which is $1 million.

    I'm not looking for a trade, but a way to best make the trade. That is, using which instrument: options, futures, stocks, pairs, forex, options on futures, etc.

    I'm guessing options would be the way to do this, but which option strategy is most likely to potentially provide what I'm looking for? E.g., spreads, iron condors, butterflys, etc. I really don't know much about options, except straight calls and puts.

    Some parameters on the trade I want to make, which might help you in answering my question:
    I plan to make a short trade, in a fast downward movement environment with increasing volatility.
    I will be looking to stay in the trade for about 250 days (I will exit the trade after ~250 days).

    Well, actually, while you're at it, if you could tell me what exactly would potentially have the best chance to provide a 1/100 risk/reward in the scenario outlined above: /ES, TVIX, /GC, etc.

    Thank you!
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    I'll get the popcorn...ok ready
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    Hey guys, how can I edit my thread? I'm new. It's not giving me that option.

    Please entertain my idea guys, even if you think it's preposterous.

    Anyway guys. I worded a few things wrongly. I'm actually looking for a potential 10,000% return (even more ludicrous, right?) with $10k, so a return of $1 million. Max loss at $10k (again, I'm willing the entire $10k).

    I'm not looking for what to trade (although it would be nice to get ideas), I'm looking for how to make the trade. That is, I need to know, based on my parameters (short trade, 20% move down within 250 days) what would be the best way to place the trade. Using options? If so, what exactly? debit/credit spread, iron condor, butterflies, etc.?
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    You missed the opportunities earlier this year. It was in futures on trade tweets. Instant millionaire shit.

    May 5th, and Aug 1st. With 10K and a discount broker? Short the shit on max leverage with 20 contracts. Close before end of day. Next day repeat at max leverage. It would have taken just a few days to get to 1,000,000.

    The problem is, by going max leverage, you never knew when it would have reversed and wiped out all your gains.

    But if you REALLY want a million? Do this...

    Put $100K in an account. Next time there is a breakdown in the trade talks, and Trump says "we're going tariff-crazy, hear me roar"? Short it on 200 contracts that day. There's your million bux. Mostly.

    Use caution, but the volume will be there to give your fills.

    Aside from that, why don't you come down to reality and understand that you will NEVER do this, SHOULD NEVER attempt this, and should just play it safe with REASONABLE targets?

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    gamble on ROKU put options retesting support before Dec 20
    Screen Shot 2019-11-03 at 8.21.29 PM.png
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    Need help finding a way to trade with a 1/100 (risk/reward)

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    Friday morning on option expiry but 10K worth of SPY options that are 3-5% out of the money at the open. Eventually there will be a move and you will make 100x, long term it wont be profitable i bet though
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