Need help: Craigslist Scam?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by EqtTrdr, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. I posted a Queen bed frame I am selling on Craigslist yesterday. About 1 hour after I posted it I get 2 emails wanting to know if the item is still available.

    I replied back that it is and the price is $1250 firm.

    Here are the responses I got back from the same 2 people today...

    "usman ayo" <>
    Subject: Re: BEAUTIFUL WOODEN POST BED-- Queen - $1250

    Thank you very much for the mail.I am happy to hear that it is in good condition.well no problem with the price,i will buy it from you.My mode of payment is going to be by check and my shipper will come for pick up after the payment has been received and cleared.Get back to me with the name and address to send to the payment to including your contact phone number."

    The next email:
    "richardbeck" <>

    "Hello,thank you for the prompt response to my enquiry am very much
    satisfied with the condition and price of the item and i would like to
    make an outright purchase immediately so i will advice that you
    the advert from the web.Pls i will like to know how you intend to
    procedure on this okay but i would prefer that i issue a certified
    cheque or money order in us dollars to you location after which my
    shipper will be coming over for the pick up once you have gotten that.I
    read through the advert and am okay with it so please i will need both
    you name and address to post the payment and would appreciate you
    include you phone#,regards


    Why do I get the feeling that this is some type of Nigerian Pyramid scheme?? Both these emails seems weird imo

    I want to sell the item but something just doesn't seem right...

    any thoughts?


  2. If they want you to ship it to Nigeria, watch it! It's a dead givaway. ;-)

  3. Trust your instinct ... looks like interesting type of Phishing.
  4. TGregg


    One common scam is they send you a counterfeit MO or cashier's check for more than 1250, and ask that you send them money back. Banks take a long time to figure out the forgery (like weeks, or so I am told). So you deposit the fake, wait a week, call the bank and they say "Oh yeah, you got the money, it's all good" then you send the "overage" back to the scammer.

    Then a month later the bank calls you up and says "Dude, that MO was bogus man!" and debit your account for the whole thing.
  5. Thanks all....

    you saved my arse :)
  6. DannoXYZ


    I've actually received counterfeit cashier's check before. They're easy to forge nowadays with high-rez scanners and printers. If you're not taking cash, i'd wait at least 2-weeks for the check to clear your bank AND their bank.
  7. Another angle is that they will pay you more than asking price with the phoney check and want the item plus the "over payment" in cash.