Need help coding Jh volume indicator for esignal

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Learning_SCT, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. as a thank you for helping me i will give out the finished indicators to everyone who want them, I just need explanations on how the indicator is made. I have read thousands of pages of posts and threads and i couldnt find anything besides shards of info.

    Is there a kind soul here that could help me figure it out? just for the volume indicator, nothing else.

  2. ehorn


    PRV = Pro Rata Volume:

    Bar Coloring - conditional logic can be found in the following document (you will need to convert simple if/then statements)

    Gaussians are drawn according to the following attached logic diagram.

  3. Thanks for posting. That is easily coded.
  4. Would you like ehorn's post in the form of a logic block diagram?

    Or better still post your code and someone will fix it for you.

    Use any language.
  5. thank you very much jack and e-horn
  6. I am waiting to see your final anger a few months from now, when you get the gestalt that Jack Hershey is the most complex algorithm since Star Wars, with the disadvantage that it cannot be used to shoot down missiles
  7. jprad



    Believe me, I've been there, done that, tried and pulled my hair out while trying to decipher your body of work.

    Your posts remind me of being stuck in a Zork maze of twisty passages, all alike and different, simultaneously.

    And, please save the wisecracks. I'm a systems programmer with 20+ years under my belt. Fluent in C, C++, Java, PERL, SQL, VB as well as the scripting languages in trading platforms such as TradeStation and WealthLab.

    I'd give anything, including a public apology, if you could fully express your work as succinctly and complete with examples, test data, logic and explanation has J. Wells Wilder did in his seminal "New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems" work.

    You do that and I'll publish the fully debugged and commented TradeStation code here for others to use.
  8. It is cryptic so others give up before they realize it is somewhere between a labyrinth and a Rube Goldberg machine

    His explanations of what he does is often among the lengthiest ET posts of the day

    If it worked, Jack would happily be publishing his broker statements. His continued silence and avoiding the subject speaks much louder than his constant attempts to appear like the Guru

    How many people give open source materials, and run away from others who ask for clarity and evidence???
  9. i dont want to start yet another sterile debate about jacks method. i just want help coding the very simple volume indicator, just like on this panel.


    i don't think its very hard to code, nor that you need 20+ years of experience in programming nor that you need 10 years of
    backtesting etc. in order to do it.

    so please by all means don't come in this thread to bash jack, i don't give a crap what experiences you had with this guy in the past and if ever i want to know, ill go read the thousands of jack hershey bashing thread on this forum. so please GTFO
  10. jprad


    You don't think it's hard to code, but you come around here asking for a code monkey to do it for you?


    Obviously, you know better, so enjoy your trip down this particular rabbit hole.
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