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    I am considering buying Dell Workstation either Model 5820 OR 7820.

    I have configured both with identical specs as follows.

    RAM = 16 GB DDR4, 2666 MHz
    3 Video Cards = NVIDIA Quadro P600 2GB, 4 mDP each running 4 Monitors with 3 running a total of 12 Monitors.
    4 HDDs
    Win -7 ( Ultimate, 64 bit )

    Only thing is that :
    I have to choose either of the following two processors.

    If I go with 5820 Model the processor is :

    Intel Xeon W-2123 3.6GHz, 3.9GHz Turbo, 4C, 8.25M Cache, HT, (120W) DDR4-2666

    If I go with 7820 Model the Processor is :

    Intel Xeon Silver 4110 2.1GHz, 3.0GHz Turbo, 8C, 9.6GT/s 2UPI, 11M Cache, HT (85W) DDR4-2400

    With everything else same the price difference is Extra $ 670.00 if I go with 7820 Model with Xeon silver 4110.

    Please advice.

    Thank You
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    That's a lot of monitors. HAve you checkout 4k monitors? You know 3x4k monitors is the same as 12x 1080P monitors. Then you would only need 1 graphics card.
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    I will accept that you need 12 monitors. But you have given us no clue as to why you need a Xeon process much less a workstation. What CPU intensive tasks will you be doing? Remember that the most of the work of driving the monitors in done by be graphics card(s), not the main CPU.
  4. The 4110 Sliver is only about 5% faster than the W-2123. Is 5% worth $670?

    Is the 78xx a dual CPU mobo? If so, do you need that?

    Personally, I'd go with the W7 Pro version... While "Ultimate" has more bells and whistles, "Pro" versions usually get better/longer support than the others.... they are more "business class".
  5. Personally, I recommend all trader rigs be on workstations with Xeon CPUs... greater longevity, likely greater reliability (workstations are supposed to have "server-class" components beyond just the Xeon CPU), etc. I will use no other until shown something better. Purchased wisely, no more expensive than other performance equivalents. (All in my network have Xeons, including the laptop. The desktops are 9 years old, the laptop, 6. All still running just like new.)
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    To start with I already have 12, 24" 1920p monitors that I am running with Dell workstation T-7500 but it is giving headaches so need new workstation.

    Scat, I am considering expansibility in future & hence 7820 model. Also does number of cores & cache matter ?

    I already have W-7 Ultimate.

    Dell workstations give me 3 to 5 PCIe slots for my cards. I love their 24x7 support next day service that gives me peace of mind.

    I have over 50 indicators on each chart & I am using tick charts on 12 Monitors. I thought those calculations are done by processor & not GPUs ?
  7. If your indicators are "canned"... that is ones you can select from your software.... they are pre-programmed to load into RAM, run from there, and use very little CPU time. If they are custom or tic calculations, the CPU will be running full-tilt.

    GPUs are used to update prices, bars, indicators. So long as you're not running tic charts, the GPUs are used sparingly also. If you are running tic charts, suggest you change to 1-minute charts... MUCH easier on the hardware.

    If you buy a new workstation, it will come with an OS. That's where you can get W7 Pro included in the price.
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    At 09:30AM, when the market is at its busiest, use Task Manager to see how heavy your CPU is being used. Even with 50 charts, I would be surprised if you were using more than 20% of your CPU.

    Also, when you said: "I am running with Dell workstation T-7500 but it is giving headaches", what headaches are you referring to?
  9. A good point. Most "headaches" will be resolved with a fresh install of the OS and current drivers. After all, running W7 on "new" hardware not likely to be much diff from running W7 on "old" hardware. (If the "headaches" are genuinely due to hardware, likely the rig... or part of it... won't run at all. If "buggy/glitchy" problems, most likely due to software or a faulty component... like RAM or optic drive, etc.)

    One more thought for OP... check the mobo battery and see if still good. Often, "weird" problems crop up if that battery is weak.
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    I have upgraded all my computers to SSD, great improvement.
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