need help choosing a good futures broker

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  1. Hi,

    I need help from you guys choosing a good broker that suit my trading style. I mainly trade futures. My starting capital is between 20k-30k.

    My trading style:
    1. I trade only once a week.
    2. I risk 20% of my account per trade (meaning that i risk 20% a week)
    3. I want a broker that offer trailing stop from 10 points and higher.
    4. Fast excetution. / no requote / no slippage
    5. Platform user friendly.
    6. my risk reward is 1:1 (either i win 20% or loss 20%)
    7. Able to set pending buy or sell 10 points from current price.

    please help.
    thanks .
  2. Imba


    Hmmm.. i guess most of the possible brokers can fllfil your needs.

    As for me fo example, i use: AMP Trading (AMP Futures) as a broker, NinjaTrader (platform) + ZenFire (server). Everything workds great + i got all options, wich you mention about.

    Sorry for my bad English.
  3. Thanks.
    Don't worry i understand you english. :)
  4. rickf


    I use Open E-Cry. No problems whatsoever and highly recommend them.
  5. Imba



    When i`ve decided to go from Russian stock market, onto ES\DOW, i mainly decide (choosed) from OEC and AmpFutures.

    I donno whats the actual state, but ii guss OEC hve even lower comm fee for per turn, at least that was so. But, stil since im quite n-activ day trade with a low size, i dont rly care a lot abou commisions.
  6. "4. Fast excetution. / no requote / no slippage"

    no requote ? Futures quotes are constantly changing and nothing can be done about it.

    no slippage ? If you use market orders there is always the possibility of slippage. Amount of slippage depends on the market, time of day and order size.
  7. would you guys recommend a broker that using MT4 platform?
  8. <i>"2. I risk 20% of my account per trade (meaning that i risk 20% a week)

    6. my risk reward is 1:1 (either i win 20% or loss 20%)</i>

    With all due respect, if you expect to prosper long-term from that management core, it really doesn't matter what broker you pick. End result will be the same.
  9. Imba


    Yeah, indeed i might afree wit that too.

    Its just like all these endless arguings about whenever ES commssion 2$ per turn is twice as better then broker who have 4$ trade turn....

    But, in the end there is ONLY two possible end, either you will loose your 10-20-30k usd account, and in that case 2USD "less" commission wnt save your acount anyhow, and vise versa if you have stable dayly-weekly profits on ES/YM/NQ, you dont really give a F whenever you hav a 2 ir 4usd commisiion pe turn, since if you are proffitable, 1 week of profitable trades wll override any possible comission fees on year forward.

    S, 2 resume, AL you really need is nice platform with a nice CPU and Internet spped. All other stuff is just.. ermm.... dont play that much role really as some people state.
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