Need Help Buying Printer

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  1. Sounds Crazy but yes, this is my first printer that I am buying & need help.

    I need All in One ( Print, Copt, Scan ) Color Printer

    Buying mostlty for Printing Charts & General Use - No Photo Printing & no wireless needs

    Will be Printing workspaces with 3 or more charts on a single page, so need a Printer that can handle Large Paper Sizes.

  2. Here are the steps to get a printer:

    1. go to your neighbor's house,

    2.knock on the door, 3 times,

    3. ask for a really thick book with a yellow cover,

    4. alphabetically, you will find "Best Buy" store,

    5. find the address,

    6. drive or have your friend drive you to the store,

    7. ask the store sales person where the printers are displayed,

    8. select the printer that matches your needs,

    9. drive back.

    PS: don't forget to return the really thick book to your neighbor. well, never mind, that is probably 2011 version.
  3. * Print how much? Lots = Laser, little ? Ink.
    * Large paper? That gets expensive.

    Personally I get some stuffo nly from dell - printers and monitors. I love their support, fast and easy way to order supplies. Got a color laser and a color inkjet (laser in my office, inkjet for my project office when I am on a project).
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  5. I really like my OKIDATA C5800L

    1. double-side
    2. color/laser
    3. network ready (hook it up to the router and you can print anywhere in the house)
    4. around $500, not too expensive
    5. non-branded toner $100 for a set of 4 (5000 pages)

    If it is not heavy duty printing, it is plenty of printer.

  6. it does not scan or copy. i suggest that you get a cheap / separate fax/scanner for that for less than $100.
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  8. The biggest size paper most conventional printers will handle is "legal size"... "8.5 x 14".

    Best Buy has the Canon Pixma series... it's a photoprinter, but also does conventional sizes... about $200 for the top model (often $149 on sale). Does duplex scanning/copying, if you wish.

    Weighing the cost of inkjet ink.... if you're going to be printing a lot, should consider laser printers.
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    Actually, Inkjets tend to get clogged if you don't use them very much so they're not good for low volume either.

    Laser printer is the only way to go unless you need to print photos.

    I can't comment on which model though. I have been looking for a color laser MFD for years and not found "the one" yet (I need solid Linux support though, so your options may be better). My 12 year old LaserJet 1200 is still going strong but lacks modern features.
  10. I got some years back a Dell all in one - big box, full color A4 laser, scanner, copier, network connected. Small department sized. Also scanner, but i don't run analog phone anyway. Anyhow, that really got my heart - been using it without flaw ever since i got it. Was their top model, there is a newer one now.
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