Need HELP building dual E5-2687w for trading

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  1. I am looking to build a dual E5-2687w machine to drive 8 monitors. Ive looked around and have not come up with much. Can anyone provide me with assistance on this type of setup? Will this setup be enough to power 8 monitors and crank through some spreadsheets? Thanks again.
  2. Of course you'd need a dual-cpu mobo... like Dell Precision T5600/T7600... or eqivalent from HP/Lenovo.

    Not likely you need that much grunt, though...

    8-monitors is no problem if the mobo has enough PCIEx16 slots... 2 of them is enough if you run quad-port video cards.
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    first off, I am jealous... i dont think I could justify spending that kind of money for a trading workstation but it will certainly last you a very, very long time...

    second, I am beginning to think people dont like to read...

    read through them, we have pretty much covered everything on those 4 threads... draw what you need from them...
  4. How well does a Dell Precision do in terms of Geekbench II performance? The setup Im looking at will pull 40000 on the bench.
  5. Isn't that going to depend upon which CPU/s installed on mobo??
  6. I am looking at a new trading computer as well to drive up to 8 monitors (in fact there is a thread on it). Dual E5-2687s is going to run you north of $8000 with other options, but if you can swing it, it will be a beast. I have been looking here:
  7. I found Maingear which will give you any possible configuration you want touted in all the PC magazines. If the configuration you dont desire isnt on the website you can call them to hash it out. They will even paint the box with a top quality automotive paint.
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    $8K is overpriced... at best, you will be looking to spend around $5-6K... otherwise, you overpaid... but I guess that is all relative...
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    HP z820 W7P-64 X E5-2687W 8X 3.1GHz 2P 256GB SSD 32GB No-Optical Quadro 4000 Rmkt WS $7,749
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