Need help backtesting an idea?

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    I am a software developer with 5 years experience working in the financial markets and looking to extend my services to individuals in need of quantitative analysis and backtesting. I have experience with equities, futures, options and fx.
    This is simply a secondary job for me to generate a little extra income. I will sign a NDA for all projects. My fees are reasonable and negotiable. If interested send me an email or pm.
  2. What is your first job and with who? This borders on conflict of interest, at minimum, and worrisome for anyone who has developed credible, promising logic and making it accessible to an anonymous person at an anonymous financial institution.

    Obviously, most people wanting something backtested have come up with fluff. But...
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    I will certainly disclose my job history and experience with serious inquires.

    This is not a conflict of interest for me.
  4. It is for your company and for the person you are "backtesting" for. Was it that hard to grasp :confused:
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    Providing a service with my own independently developed software is not a conflict of interest for me, my employer or my client.
  6. You do not seem to grasp the meaning of the term "conflict of interest." Reread definition before posting incorrect responses.

    Seriously folks, better to avoid this person.
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    A conflict of interest would only occur if I were to take a client's idea or information and offer this idea/information to my employer or use the idea/information for my own personal gain. This is were the NDA comes in to play, which I mentioned in my first post.
  8. It is a conflict of interest when you are still working there and soliciting outside work.

    And a promise of a NDA from someone sitting in the middle of this is not particularly comforting.

    Again, you do not understand the term. You should try reading the paperwork you probably signed when you started with your employer. One can imagine, you are not following it or you do not understand it.
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    I have certainly worked for firms where outside work is prohibited, but this is not an issue with my current employer.

    TraderZones, thank you for keeping this thread current! :D