Need help and recommandations from Canadian traders -

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Momento, Dec 26, 2002.

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    I am currently looking for a good Canadian Direct Access brokerage firm. (with a decent trading software - not some junk like SWIFT trade)
    any active traders out there up with a recommandation?
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    Forgot to mention: With level II feeds.
    To my knowledge, Interactive doesn't provide that - -
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    You can get level II with IB but you can get it cheaper elsewhere. With your commission savings, you could get a third party provider such as e-signal, etc.
  5. The choice is limited for Canadian but you can chosse among them:

    1) Interactive Brokers
    2) QuestTRade (CyberTrader office)
    3) TradeFreedom
    4) Jitney Online (TNO office)
    5) AmeriTrade/Datek
    6) Swift
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    Thanks for the list- N.Pesos
  7. To my knowledge you forgot some

    Lynx/and or, Andover is able to offer Canadian traders the ability to trade also.
    Retail or prop.
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  9. Try Tradefreedom

    ask for Jay Ferst....good guy, stable firm and they offer Point Direx, Real tick and a third option. I use to do business with them and they are pretty good guys who won't steer you wrong.
  10. Maybe they offer it, but they are approval by the Canadian Regulators, and under these terms the trader who does business with some non-approval brokers take a risk. The Canada is not competitive in DAT Brokers because many client of the regulator are the Canadian banks and they don't want too many competition.
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