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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by nate-chicago, Oct 1, 2003.

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  1. HEllo all -

    Just moved to chicago. I have a sales background, I have 2 years of school, no degree.

    I am very good with numbers, have an entrepenurial spirit. I love pressure and have the drive to make money.


    Does anyone suggestions/ contacts of firms that i can join and train wiith to become a trader?

    Any assistance would be appreciated?

    I realize i dont have the typical background BUT i WILL eventually make myself and someonelse money... i just need a start.
  2. jessie


    In Chicago, trader-trainees generally start as clerks or runners at one of the exchanges. Nobody is going to hire you without at least that background, because there are plenty of people there who are registered and experienced who want those jobs. As a clerk, you will make the contacts you are probably needing, and will gain some of the "feel" and skills as well. A few people come in from the sales side, but if you want to trade, it is probably better to bite the bullet and take a clerk job.
    Good Luck,
  3. any suggestions on firms to contact?
  4. start at the bottom

    contact the best prop and fcm firms from those

    listed as members of CME / CBOT for example
  5. I know people who have gotten runner jobs on the floor by just handing out a resume to every major firm at the Merc/CBOE/CBOT.

    Running orders is how I got my start. You'll meet alot of the right people that way.
  6. Totally agree with Reardon...that is how I started....if you have sincere enthusiasm, you will work for "nothing" to get in the door. Again, sincerity is the key, don't bullshit these guys, they see thru everything!
  7. axehawk


    Yeah, the University of Chicago- Admissions.
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