Need Good Excuse to Allow bypass through Firewall

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Flashboy, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. As I stated in an earlier thread I was trying to get around my company's firewall which no longer allows access to sites with steaming data.

    But they will allow a specific address through if you give them the IP address and the reason you need access.

    so what would be a good excuse to use??? I"m sure I'll hear a bunch of BS if anything but would appreciate it a great response.

  2. MGJ


    Your doctor told you to view sexually explicit videos every two hours.
  3. moarla


    is that where you work? why they should pay you for trading your own bucket????
  4. Given the current job market, I wouldn't do anything to bypass or get thru a corporate firewall. But if you don't heed that advise, try telling them the whole truth and nothing but the truth. "I want to day trade during my coffee breaks and lunch hour."

  5. Do you have access to the internet in general at work?

    You can use remote computing to access your home computer which of course will have all your trading needs on it. Many sites will enable you to do this. Easy.
  6. Jeez, get your own wireless internet and use it with a laptop or your office computer. It doesn't cost that much. The last place I worked they fired a guy that asked about a computer hookup so he could daytrade.. employers are entirely on to these ideas and entirely dead set against them. I've worked with guys that were trading out of their engineering cubies, we never could get their attention long enough to get them to work...
  7. Google Gpass.

    Put it on your USB keychain and click on it. It creates a backdoor proxy, encrypts the data and then uses countermeasures to hide your activity.

    You can surf all the porn you want.