Need Dell Coupons!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Bluedog, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Bluedog


    Trying to buy 4 Dell LCD monitors. Anyone has any coupons applicable to monitors? TIA

    Also trying to decide between Dell 2001FP 20-1 inch flat panels vs E196FP 19-inch flat panels. There is almost $900 price difference on 4 monitors!

    Any suggestions and feed back is appreciated!

  2. just21


    The resolution of the 20 inch is 1600*1200 instead of 1280*? . There are new Dell monitors coming out on the 1st of April that have HDCP so that they can play back HD DVD. The 19 inch with HDCP is already out but it is 6 bit instead of 8 bit like the 1905 so it is not as good specification.
  3. I have the 2001Fp. Can't complain it's quite nice. I think it was about 465 total. This was about 6 months ago now. I had to get a new graphics card to support the resolution.
  4. 25% off 2001FP, 2005FPW, 2405FPW using DPA:


    don't know they will work on the E196, try it and see
  5. Interesting, I just looked and couldn't find anything. What site did you find this on and what's DPA?
  6. Bluedog


    jdaripper, I tried those, Dell site said the coupons have already been redeemed. Thanks anyhow
  7. Schaefer


    I bought mine through ebay last time and they worked. It costed me $1.99, I think :p
  8. EricP


    Use this exclusive e-mail coupon below at checkout and receive $350 OFF select Dimension™ Desktops and Inspiron™ Notebooks over $999! Before tax,
    shipping & handling. Offer excludes XPS systems. Ends 6/7/06.¹
  9. mgarc


    looking to buy the 20 inch 2007FP monitor. anybody have a coupon that can be used on this?

    would appreciate it. thanks.
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