Need CPU horsepower for screening, backtesting or automated systems?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by kmdguy, Jul 29, 2009.

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    Hi my name is Dan and I own a 3D animation render farm consisting of some of the highest end computer servers. In all, I have 20 Dell PowerEdge 1950 Gen III servers, each of which are identical and consist of dual quad Xeon processors running at 3.0Ghz and 12GB of RAM in each... very fast.

    I am making available 10 of these servers to the trading community for those who desire to possess intense CPU horsepower to run your own software for testing, screening, trading or any other process that would benefit by running programming simultaneously on multiple nodes at once.

    In other words, if you are using your own system for screening, but would benefit if you had 5 systems simultaneously splitting the process at once then you may benefit from this. If you have an automated trading system that would benefit from trading many different markets at once, then you might consider harnessing the power of many servers simultaneously. Also, if you are constantly backtesting some systems, but would benefit from backtesting 10X the amount of information at once, then again, this may be a situation you might be interested in.

    These systems are less than one year old, have redundant power backup, isolated in a climate controlled environment...the works. Mainly all this horsepower is leased out monthly to the computer animation and special effects industry to use and so they are optimized for SPEED.

    If you, or your company, would be interested in using our servers for trading related, CPU intensive tasks, please feel free to contact me at to talk about your situation and how we can collaborate to get your software/systems working up to 10X faster for you.

    Best regards,
    Dan Underhill
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    Do you honestly think anybody is going to trust you with their system?
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    Sorry, didn't mean to offend anyone.

    I'm not a trader, don't care about trading, don't care about "systems". I just have a computer company that has a LOT of CPU horsepower and when it's available, I offer it up to colleges to run calculations, animation companies or others who would benefit from having an extra 80 to 120 CPUs to crunch numbers is all.

    I have a friend who IS a trader and has used my CPUs simply for daily screening which allows him to screen gobs of potential trades each day and he mentioned to me that he thought traders could benefit from simply having many many extra CPUs.

    If interested feel free to contact me and I'll even sign any NDAs (I do it all the time). I'm not looking at stealing anything and a little surprised that it was implied so I'm sorry. I just have an amount of CPU horsepower that most people don't have access to which I was willing to make available on a monthly basis.

    Take care
  4. That seriously may be interesting. I am not sure how much, though, but I say that sas a person haveing a couple of quad cores available myself. For someone with aslower computer and doing optimizations quite a lot... this may be really useful.
  5. I also think this can be interesting. I dont have any need at the moment but a couple years ago I was looking for something like that because I had a code that was taking about 3 weeks to run when I needed the answer overnight.
    As for the security issue, I dont think that a compiled code running could be stolen and used. Maybe someone knows.