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    I use TS2000i with a data feed from Esignal. While I do receive and can download overnight data for the Russell (I've opened the Esignal program to check), I CAN NOT figure out how to get the globalserver to download it. I've tried changing the sessions on the session tab but haven't had any success.

    Is there anyone who is able to get the overnight data and chart it using TS2000i for the russell index? If yes, how did you do it?


  2. You need to install the Esignal plug in for TS2000.
    I use them same configuration as you but with the ES. I can download missing data and it is added automatically in the Globalserver.

    You can find all the info on the subject at:

    You probably have to register first.
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    Thanks Spike......but it still doesn't help me. I have the plugin for TS from Esignal. I can also download and chart the overnight data for the ES, since globalserver already recognizes this index it has the overnight times set up and all one has to do is check them or not to get the data on their charts.

    While with the Russell, when you set it up (globalserver doesn't have it listed automatically from a list) it only gives you the standard trading hours on the "sessions" tab. When I've tried to modify the hours I get an error telling me the session times are wrong.

    Any ideas?

  4. This setup should work.
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    Thank you very much!!!! It worked!!!!

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