Need charting and scanning with IB data

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  1. BertH


    I've been researching like mad, trying to figure the best combination in the subject line along with the most economical method of doing it.

    I've looked into many of these, and some have too many limitations or are too expensive.
    Am looking for intraday scans (up-to-the-moment, preferably) of a wide variety, along with decent charts.
    The latter eliminates from consideration, and leaves me down to Amibroker, Investor R/T, and Sierra.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    MedVed Quote Tracker. Very efficient package. And it's FREE or $60/year. (for $60/year you get to view 10days intraday data instead of just 2 and >6 months historical.) Works With IB's API. You can chart and trade from it among other things.
  3. BertH


    I hear it's a great product, especially for the price. But it doesn't run intraday scans, from my understanding.
  4. Yes, but it integrates with Trade-Ideas. Your problem with TI was that it does not chart. With Quotetracker + TI, you get both scanning and charting.
  5. Arnie


    I've been using Ensign with the IB feed for about a year now. Used to use Ensign (DOS) with BMI sat. feed many years ago. Its $39/mo. Ensign is a very robust platform. It even has a programming language for really advanced stuff. Another feature they have is Design Your Own (DYO) study. You can do just about anything with this software. Check out their website............

    btw, IB has a built in scanner
  6. Aok


    Do you want scanning or filtering?

    Trade-ideas is fine, but you cannot be scanning for TRUE user defined critiera. (IE your own custom scans.)

    For example you could scan for when price crosses 20, 50, 200 day MA (canned scan) but not for say a Linda Raschke 3/10 ema cross.

    TI however CAN filter the whole market.

    IRT can scan for any criteria you can code. But data is limited to your feed. Which in IB's case limit is 100 symbols. So that is your universe to scan from.

    If you used IRT in conjunction with DTN/Iqfeed you can go up to 1000 symbols.

    I have no idea what criteria you are scanning for, but there are truly only a handful of scanners that can filter the entire universe of stocks and then scan for specific criteria. None are cheap.

    Tradestation cant do it either. But you can get close for $170/month. Zero, except for exchange fees, if you do enough trades with them

    This would cost you about $30/month

    Need more specifics. Let me know.
  7. Aok


    My post got garbled.

    The DTN/iq feed ~1000 symbols for IRT will run you about $30/month

    I know you're looking for IB feed compatibility but $30 for 2nd feed/backup plus scanning is small potatoes.
  8. BertH


    Great thoughts--'preciate them.

    AOK--not necessarily needing to scan all the stocks there are. I could, for instance, limit myself to a few particular industries (though maybe that's a "scan" in itself?)
    In other words, I wouldn't necessarily have to scan 5000 stocks, but more than 100 would be nice.

    As far as specifics on scanning, let's say I'm looking for a particular candlestick pattern (but preferring the ability to adjust them---eg various sizes of the body or shadows) and also would like to, say, ensure the stock closed/ended the most recent hour within 1% of its 10 period ma (just examples). Maybe be able to detect when volume has changed a certain % from the prior hour as well.

    This kind of multiple criteria scanned over a good number of stocks (not necessarily the whole universe) intraday and at a relatively modest price would be fantastic.

    I'm sure over time my needs will evolve, but this would be great for now. Noted your comment about IB and, if IRT with the other data feed meets the need, I don't need to have it go thru IB necessarily.

    Thanks to you or anyone else in advance. Meanwhile, I'll pour back over what you've posted thus far. Just wanted to answer your question on being a bit more specific.
  9. BertH


    Arnie, I've tried researching the scanner aspect of IB, but haven't had any luck. I'll contact their customer service to get a precise direction on where to look.
    Regarding Ensign, I had reviewed their site, but it seemed more for fancy charting than nuts-and-bolts, strong scanning from what I could tell.
    I downloaded the trial version of Amibroker for the time being the other day. Haven't had the opportunity to dig into it much yet.
  10. Aok


    Tradestation can do that no problem. And Im fairly certain IRT can as well.

    Go to IRT website and check the various data vendors. They will tell you how many stocks you can watch with various feeds. Most feeds will be less than $80/month.

    Then go to Tradestation website and watch the RadarScreen demo. It's about 9 minutes.

    Another software that works with IB(albeit can be finicky) is Neoticker. When it works it may be the best all around software there is. Scanner can do just about anything on any time frame you need. Lease $90/month. Buy outright I think is $1200.

    Steep learning curve. But immense capability.

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