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    Hello everybody! I am looking for a short career advice. I have graduate college with BA in 2007 and started to work as a futures "trader" at a small hedge fund (mostly on European and Asian night desks). But a few month ago after our company lost some money and clients I was laid off. Since then, I am not really sure in what direction I should look and how to search to a related positions (most hedge funds similar to mine don't even have web site). This is my duties at the previous job.

    • Executed futures contracts in accordance to overall strategy on Asian, European and US
    exchanges employing various online platforms, performed real-time P/L monitoring and
    slippage analysis in an extremely time sensitive environment
    • Implemented new trading strategies
    • Performed daily reconciliation of trading positions and calculated P/L
    • Rolled over open positions to the next trading month
    • Evaluated graphs and adjusted trading robots
    • Maintained Excel spreadsheet with overall positions and trading limits
    • Entered and adjusted start-of-the-day positions
    • Allocated broker fills to customer accounts
    • Researched business and economic news by utilizing Bloomberg

    I also passed CFA Level 1 exam and hold Series 3 license.
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    Thanks for the links, but most of this positions assume that you have a proprietary trading experience or at least have your own trading strategy.
    I am not necessary looking for front office - back office will work as well...
  3. I would be you, i would first check the internet for jobs, i am sure there you will find what you are searching for.;_ylt... back office&fr2=sb-top&fr=yfp-t-701&fp_ip=de

    maybe this in chicago (you are american, arent you ?)
    in new york
    besides that, i would, ask brokerage & investment & banks if you could work for them. Show them your skills and you can help them to make money. Search on the homepages of them, the most always have job offers there......
    You already have experience, so it should not be so hard to find the right job you wanna do...

    good luck:)
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    Thanks for the links :) Yes, I am in New York.