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Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by RedSun, Jan 15, 2016.

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    Have been trading canola contract for a while. Just wonder if anyone else is in the same market..... Not a lot of folks trade this market.
  2. I will trade canola soon !
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  4. R1234


    anything special about that contract? good trends? good reversion?
  5. RedSun


    Just another animal. It is in Canadian dollar, not US dollar.
  6. RedSun


    Anyone knows when ICE Canada changed WCE trading hours? Canola normally closes trading at 2:15ET. But it is 2:20PM now.
  7. Gambitman


    I trade mostly cash canola because I am a farmer. I use the futures occasionally although generally just contract directly with crusher. Not many products trade in Canadian dollars so it is nice for that. One thing to be aware of is the importance of the Yorkton basis (Three major crushers in Yorkton area.) a chart may appear to be at important support or resistance. For example if the market in yorkton is trading at -20 and the market doesn't move and the Canadian dollar goes down they may move the basis to -15 or -10. This is a big move up that you won't notice if you are only watching the futures.
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  8. What you say would help to trade the basis ?
    Unfortunately, I cant trade basis :(
  9. Hello @RedSun . Canola is a thin market. What is your trading time frame?
  10. Thin market ?
    Do you a billion to manage ?
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