Need another 999 ET'ers

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  1. To go in on unbelievably profitable software. 248%
    per year. By the "well respected" Larry Connors.
    Unfortunately he wants $9,495.00 for it. Which is
    more than I can afford alone. Even $950 is too much
    for me, and $95 would seriously crimp my monthly
    entertainment budget.

    But $9.50 I can afford. So I need 999 people to come
    up with $9.50 each and we'll share the secret.

    AT 258% per year, I will be a quadrillionaire in just 25
    years! Even faster if I adopt the 419% pa "agressive"
    strategy. Thanks, Larry!

    The link to the software is here: Web Seminars/6355/

    PM me if you are in.

    See you on the Forbes 400 list,

    Dr. L
  2. traderob


    Dear Dr. Did you see the small print?
    "Based on simulated trading. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results."..

    Still willing to risk $10?

  3. My simulated trading has run at 1000% + a year for five years running.

    And i wouldnt pay $10 for it...............
  4. Wow... I am speechless.

    I knew the R1R2 method... and now there is the R3R4 method... and when this **** has been exhausted there will be the R%R^ etc... I can't believe that this kind of **** can sell for that money.
  5. Oh no! I will never trust Larry again!

    I was just about to PM you when I realized I didn't have
    any systems to trade. None that work, anyway. I have
    a large number that don't work.

  6. No one is gonna sell a hugely profitable system for ten thousand fricken dollars. I have a successful system, nowhere near as good as this one claims to be, and I wouldn't sell it for half a million.