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    For testing strategies I mostly use .
    It's a simple and basic options tool.
    Unfortunately it lacks a feature IMO: all positions are opened at the same time,
    ie. the begin date is the same for all positions. But I would also like to test scenarios where one opens some positions some weeks/months later (hoping for then a risen (or fallen) IV and/or spot etc.).
    Ie. the current version lacks entering positions with different starting dates (real dates or offset dates).

    Is there a similar tool available out there?
    A command line tool is fine too if it can create also either a chart file or just CSV data for that, etc...

    Btw, this is not an options backtester, but just a strategy builder and tester without using any official market quote data.
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    BTW, if someone from (the maker of the above software, or their contact address as given under "About") is reading this thread, their mailbox is full and rejects new emails (emails bounce), one gets a Non-Delivery-Report email (NDR) with such a content:
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    Another shortcoming of this options tool is that it allows only one volatility in the
    "Options Strategy P/L Chart" part, ie. in the forward simulation part.
    There should instead be separate volatility fields for Call and Put.