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    I have looked at many site and read a few books and have been now trading for two weeks and I'm getting better the problem is I starting out with a $200.00 Bankroll. Is it really possible to make it with such limited funds and if so does anyone have any advice
  2. Sure. I started with $100 and quickly ran that up to $125. Down to $109 now tho. These drawdowns are tuff!

    Okay, if you are serious and you aren't just another LongShot alias then I'd say "YouGottaBeKiddingMe!"... :confused:
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    since your profile says you run a computer co-
    however the probabilities suggest
    may take more years
    & more money.:cool:

    In all labor there is profit.-Solomon,trader-king
  4. Depending on what you trade, yes. Just don't have any illusions of scoring big or trading for a living. 100% of $200 is still only $200 or a nice dinner for you and your significant other.
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    Go buy some lottery tickets or go to a bar and have a good time.
  6. Keep your day job/business, have zero trading expenses (other than transaction costs), and open a retail forex account with Oanda or any other place that you can trade really small. Look at it this way--you only need to double your account about 12.3 times to become a millionaire. :D

    btw- I wouldn't normally recommend retail forex but with your account size I can't think of anything else for you to trade.
  7. ... you would win some bucks, ... if your skill and/or luck of trading be greater than Rich Dennis, who began trading with 200 dollar and turn them into some hundreds of billion.
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    I'm very serious I plan on depositing more money but not at this point. I was looking for more advice than go to a bar or buy lottery tickets.

  9. Take the 200 dollars and spend it on drugs. You are in serious need of them.

    My dog wouldn't chase a rabbit for that sort of money
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    LOL, that is FUNNY.

    Bottom line, commission will kill any of your possible profits.
    Dont even waste your time with anything less than 1000.

    After you gather at least 1000, expect to lose it as education costs.
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