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  1. Hi all!

    I've been papertrading stocks and options for a year. Results are not bad. Now I need to start real account cause further development needs real money.
    But my problem is I don't have a mentor and don't belong to any traders'/financial community/organization. I always feel like I'm missing something and I have no one to ask an advice etc.
    So I'm thinking what to do now. How do you think, does it make any sense to try some prop firm? There would be someone to ask about markets, then I think to pass some exams (licensing). That probably would move me a bit "inside" of this business.
    Does it make sense or real things are worse and prop firms help with nothing?
    Thanks. Really appreciate any thoughts.
  2. Obviously I'm biased, but since we have some of the best traders on the planet, I'm very proud of all of our training options. A 3 day class, open to the public. 2-4 week "boot camp" (live, closely supervised, trading), individual and team mentoring. In-office, extended "speciality" training (mergers, pairs, automation, various groups).

    We focus on trading with capital of over $1mllion, including overnights of mergers and pairs, etc...why? Because most "lower risk, higher reward" strategies tend to be capital intensive (we provide the capital of course).

    We also focus on the "business of trading" - because trading IS a business, and should be treated as such. How clearing firms work, how exchanges and ecn's work, cost of carry calculations, all the basics needed by any trader.

    Anyway, you might consider starting with the basic 3 day, see what you think.

    And, more advanced things: PAIR TRADING MENTORING
    This class includes more content and teaching time than a University Course. Over 84 hours of theory and discussion in addition to assistance and situational teaching during market hours. We work together on actual trades, learning execution and money management. Use our automated programs during the course in addition to learning manual trading techniques. - you'll like this.

    Feel free to call to discuss. 702.739.1393

  3. Bright must be on a new & aggressive marketing campaign.
  4. They are mostly based out west correct?