Need advise on software for tax purposes?

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  1. What software do you recommend for traking trades for tax purposes? Any help is welcomed. Thanks
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  3. I have already talked with this guy and the software sounds great but I dont like the return policy. Seems that if I have issues with his software then I got to spend hours try to work them out over a 30 day period before he will refund my money. I understand his stand but I dont want to have a hassle returning a piece of software that does not work for me. Any other ideas for software is appreciated.
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    If you use any of the brokers mentioned, I guarantee you the software works. If it breaks down (mostly that happens in the parser) and you give him a heads up, I got something working the next day.

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    TradeLog doesn't import dividends and interest payed !
  6. I've used the TradeLog program for my 2002 taxes.

    I decided to use the product because I thought that the value of time it'd save me and my accountant would exceed the cost. My acountant uses the TradeLog program as well.

    I used TradeLog to properly calculate the wash sales effects. Were it not for that, I would have simply used Quicken.

    The TradeLog program is not totally intuitive. It requires a bit of getting used to in terms of the user interface, and how the program does its job. Once you figure it out, it works very well.

    When your broker changes the format of it's statements, TradeLog will need to be updated as well. I've found that they update TradeLog very quickly in that event.

    Overall, I'd recommend TradeLog as long as the you believe the time savings will exceed the program's cost.

    -- ITZ