Need advise (is it possible sale or not)?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by elabunsky, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. Hello traders!
    I need your advise. I like start new service - preCalulated trading system for Equis MetaStock. I have other MetaStock Add-on, but sales is very small (I guess it's very complex for traders).
    My question - is it real sale on a monthly basis trading system which collect previous signals and show signals for last trading day (no change given signals and other tricks like EW based on forward looking indicators). Each day system will update via web site.
    Sure 14 day trial.
    Other question - MetaStock or TradeStation, or both? Who trades in MetaStock and TradeStation? Monthly fee - $149 for QQQQ, SP500, DJ & NASDAQ 60 min.
    I'm sure that is black box, but black box shown given signals and signals will not change! It's mean Tricks OutSide system.
    PS. I've posted sample (QQQQ 60 min collected signals [not backtest!] from 1 Sep). Estimate and advise me, please