Need advices from Canadian Futures Traders

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by lolo24ca, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. Hi guys,

    I was wondering which broker you guys are using to trade futures. I'm about to open a $5000 account to trade NQ ,ES eminis, and possibly the 10yr T-bill.

    Thanks :)
  2. Boib


    IB and/or Tradefreedom
  3. ozzy


    IB is the way to go in Canada.

    You can also open futures accounts in the US eventhough you live in Canada.

  4. thanks a lot guys....:p
  5. dojistarz

    dojistarz Guest

    I have been looking for a canadian broker too.

    I was trading with PFG canada at one point but website not working anymore, but they called me a week or so ago, so they are still in business. Not recommended cause PFG BEST platform
    still has too many bugs.

    I know a couple of guy who make a living at trading and they ditched IB because of reliability problems. So IB not good enough
    for protraders, maybe good enough for me? Not really willing to try.

    I found ALTcapitalMARKETS
    They provide a couple of different platform that have a reputation for reliability but the test drive of the CTS platform is telling things
    can be simpler.

    Refco canada is a joke, commissions too high and min account too high.

    I have demoed NINJATRADER and love it.
    Basically, I am looking for a canadian based brokerage who can hook me up with the ninjatrader platform but so far, nobody.

    I found a couple more broker but not surre they can give me what I want:
    oops! trade freedom min $25 000 to open account

    That is pretty much it.

    If you have additional info, please add it here.