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  1. This is funny shit. Don’t forget to include the dog in your trust.
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    If you read through all his posts, he said he now has a wife and a kid.
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    Your wife knows your situation better than all of us combined, so if I were you, I listen to her. Her salary and your saving/investment can provide a base for you while you build up your business and learn to trade better.

    The fact that you got layoff in the current booming economy within such a short time of landing your corporate job is not a good sign. Something just isn't right. Your better half probably knew it and you need to be honest with yourself.

    I quit my corporate job and started full time trading when, like someone mentioned on this thread, my investment returned became much higher than my pay.

    Good luck.
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  4. How about a job where you ca wrk at
    Hahaahahaha funny I was thinking the same thing. :D
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    become a public school teacher than you can trade full time 3 months + a year.
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  6. Even better ..he needs to get a job where he can work from home.. will be able to trade to his heart content.
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    are you familiar with the expression that you can't dance with one behind at two weddings?
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    Yep. That is what "well-educated" gets you.

    Your degrees would mean nothing if you came to my company...Your prowess with verbiage would. It would indicate some very important aspects of your personality. I have zero patience for people who do not look over their writings and correct errors.

    You are probably more "educated" than I am. Yet you can't keep a corporate job for more than a year?
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  9. I'm from NYC and very familiar with many jewish sayings.

    " Can't lift two watermelons with one hand"
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  10. No kidding. It’s not only laughable, but an insult to the informed players of this industry. Teach grammar school, and compete with some of the worlds best speculators, on the side?? Keep dreaming
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