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  1. I have a very successful system for many futures markets (Dax, Euro, Oil, Bonds, Bund). The system employs a 1:1 RR on 20 ticks. I have been trading this one contract.

    However, many of the trades have long runs and I am interested in learning a few trade management methods that would take advantage of these moves if I traded two contracts.

    Thank you in advance for your ideas.
  2. Basically you need another system that takes advantage of the longer runs by using a R:R > 1:1. Then you can trade the 2 systems simultaneously, entering with 2 contracts at the same time. That's really all it boils down to.
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    You can enter market with 2 lots. Once market hits your profit target (i.e. 20), unwind one lot and move the Stop of the second lot to a break even point (or change it to a trailing stop) and let the profit run.
  4. The challenge is determining the method for the trailing stop or the trigger to exit the trade. Any thoughts?
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    One choice would be to use your stop loss of 20 ticks to trail beyond breakeven. The better choice, IMO, would be to choose 2 ticks below/above the swing lows/highs of each retracement as the trend continues. You can check the latter by inspecting retracements with each up or down trend.
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    And I’m suggesting this not knowing what “long runs” specifically means - but it should not matter

    Try using a % of a set ATR period

    such as: 150% of a 4 day ATR / 150% of a 5 Min (settings are only used as examples - not a suggestion of what to use)

    And entering a trailing stop that far away

    You'll have to do some testing to figure out if this would work, and the best settings

  7. RN, that is the path I am taking. Thanks.