need advice where to open account

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by systemsguy, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. i am a professional trader for a small firm in the new york area. i will be starting my own venture. i am going to be funded by an individual who will put up about $2 mill for me to trade in a customer account. I trade stocks, electronic futures and the occaisonal option. i trade my own models, some swing, some day trading. i do all the analysis, i just need the right place to do it at. i usually trade between 75000-150000 per day, and just want a simple, reliable platform. i mostly hit bids and take offers. i trade the ususal bunch of hi cap, hi liquid nyse and nazz stocks, bonds, euro, eminis, etc... i don't need leverage, i just was a cheap, clean place to do the business.

    obviously, ib pops to mind; are they the best? are they reliable enough? if they crash, is it possible to get to a human being to close out trades? other places better, cheaper? any and all comments and suggestions welcomed. thanks