Need advice pls. Thinking of changing from Esignal to Reuters for live data.

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  1. I have been using Metastock with esignal for a long time but after seeing Reuters buying everything up and the proposed merger with Thomson I believe long term, Reuters is the way to go. And after getting an offer from Reuters stating they can give me the same data for about half the price I am paying esignal, I am seriously considering changing data providers.

    Wonder if anybody could comment on Reuters live data feed.

    (btw, Reuters has an 800 number for all calls not just sales calls like the idiots at esignal, duh.)

    Also, even though I don't trade off news, Reuters states their news service is faster 70% of the time compared to Bloomberg news. Anybody know if there any validity to this statement?

    Thanks !!
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    I used Reuters feed with AspenGraphics and had no problems worth mentioning.

    Data was solid, news was fast. There were a couple of times that I recall that I had a problem with with data symbols/feed, and I called right up and servers were reset within 5 min.

    I dont know what their service is like presently since its been at least couple years since I used them. But whenever I needed to talk with someone there I got a competent rep.

    I know they have few different data options. Mine was pretty expensive. Pushing 500, so I dont know which plan you using in relation to Esignal pricing.

    Had no issues with their option data either.
  3. Thanks for the comments Aok and yes Mr. Richbear, it is the Quotecenter I am referring too.

    I am working on something else at the moment but hope to have the costs of each service including exchange fees and bs fees put together. I had never really cared about these small costs but just found out today esignal charges $25.00 a month for the privilege of letting the exchanges charge their respective fees to us....


    I for one am happy if Reuters can give these guys some real and much deserved competition.

    Still even with Reuters' expected lower costs, it would be good to hear from somebody who is using them. As you guys know, changing data feed providers is like moving to another state. It's a big deal. Hope we can hear from anybody using them presently.

    I will report my findings accordingly.

  4. Any news about your experience with Quotecenter?
  5. Just curious.

    If you dont mind, can you tell me how much you are paying eSignal on a monthly bases now?
  6. I use Reuters 3000XTra

    the news is fast, sometimes not as fast as Bloomberg.

    The equis component pulls from the same feeds as R3000, just you will be restricted in some ways, plus you won't see *all* of the news headlines
  7. Hi Bernard,

    Excuse my delay in replying.

    Haven't had a chance to look into the proposed change any further. One of the biggest hurdles I have is the time it will take to change all the layouts already made with the Meta/Esig config....what a pain to have to re-do everything again...

    Once I have any information I can share I will definitely do. It might take a while before I jump into this subject again though..

  8. I have changed a few things around lately but it should be around $300-350+

    esig premier + cme + cbot + forex + nymex minis and some misc stuff...
  9. I forgot to add a very important note to the information already posted.

    After starting this thread I actually received the quotes from Reuters as compared to Esignal and they didn't look as cheap (half off) as I was initially told by one of their representatives.

    I imagine that because the difference in price was not as big as I thought it would be and taking in consideration the time involved in changing my whole trading setup I put this in issue in the backburner for now.

    Wish somebody with experience using quotecenter would comment.

    Good trading to all.

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