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  1. Hi,

    I've been trading for little over a year. I am going to be moving to NYC in 6 months. I currently trade from home and although it is convenient, I want to be in a work environment with other like minded people.

    Looking for some advice and guidance, thank you in advance.

    Here's what I'm thinking:

    * Would like to work with other people, but not sure if I need to be at a prop firm.

    * I currently use TradeStation and like the platform. With a prop firm, I have to use their software, right?

    * Are there any places in NYC where you can just bring your own equipment and trade on your own account or to work with other traders, do you have to be with a prop firm? Ie: a co-working space as exists for creative people, but instead for traders?

    * If a prop firm is my only choice, what are good firms to start with? I want to trade my own money, not firm money.

    The bottom line is, I'm not sure if I want to be with a prop firm, but would like to get out of the house and trade. Not against a prop firm, just want to see what other options there are.

    Again, thank you for your help.


  2. I'm in the process of securing a new space and I'm 50/50 between midtown and downtown.

    I'll have a few extra desks and offices it looks like.

    Do you habe any special requiremets?

    Most prop firms will not rent you a seat unless you are licensed, registered with them and trading on their software.
  3. No special requirements. Just a decent size desk with enough space for 4 large monitors.
  4. ddouglas


    Possible interest in a desk. PM me - if you don't mind - as details develop. UWS 70's now - only requirements are internet connection and reasonable noise level.
  5. hitnrun


    there are traders that trade a retail account on the floor with prop firms

    some b/d offer a retail account & prop account for it's traders & can trade in the office all the same
  6. On Monday I'm looking at a space by Flatiron. Its tier 2 space but pretty cheap and a small prop + HFT shop was in there so the furnature will be decent. I thought it was going to be too big for just me but if there is interest maybe it can work.

    the space (from what I've been told) is a bit oddly laid out but there is a small conference room and a server room (which is a requirement for me).

    I've never sublet so I'm not sure how to deal with security, etc. The main desk had 9 guys on it so there will be plenty of room for a few seats. I can post pictures and specifics when I get them and we can PM about prices if anyone is interested.

    ISP will be Cogent. 100 Meg copper line and backup line can be VZN or Time Warner. I cover that as its probably overkill and I bill most of it out anyway for IT & tech clients.
  7. I know a few different spots that would rent you out desk space. prob 200-300 a month. PM me if interested.

    here are some details:

    location: broad st. a few doors from the exchange

    small prop firm trading gray/blackbox stuff moving to a larger office space in the building they are in now.

    internet/backup internet included. bring your own equipment and monitors. (they may have some smaller monitors

    photos available

    PS. not offering this myself, just doing a favor for a friend.
  8. bavarian


    Has anything new happened to this search? I am also interested in desk space in Midtown Manhattan or thereabouts. I trade my own money.
  9. Hi,

    To those that PMed me, I can't view my PMs for some reason. Please email me at Still looking for a place to trade in NYC.