Need advice on whicn non-correlated pairs to trade...

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Remiraz, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Remiraz


    I'm running a new trend/momentum scalping system, based on a custom momentum indicator, which takes quick profit during mini-trends of 10-30 pips. Yes I stop loss quick too. (In quick, out quikc heh)

    I'll looking for non-correlated pairs to add my portfolio. Currently doing EUR/USD because it is the pair with the lowest spread with my dealer (1.5 pip spread, ).

    Which pairs do you guys recommend? The criterias are:
    -Trend during US hours ("trend" = 10-30 pips mini moves)

    Right now, other than EUR/USD i'm considering these pairs:
    -EUR/GBP. 1.5 pip spread.
    -EUR/CHF. 2 pip spread.

    The rest seems to sux in spread. GBP generally is 4pips wide, CHF is 3 pips and JPY is 2.5-3. Are they even tradeable at that kind of spread? Do they move much more to compensate for the wide spread?
  2. sdp2000


    Hi, if it is not a secret, which dealer do You use for trading?
    Its spreads are low and interesting.
  3. Remiraz


    I'm not sure if ET allows this cause they're not a sponser. Oanda.
  4. sdp2000


    Best regards!