Need advice on trading computer, and monitors

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  1. I'm trying to set up an actual system where I can be in one place and do what I need to do.

    I manage opm, as well as daytrade. (Well, attempt to daytrade:eek: ...)

    I need to have a computer and monitors that will allow me to:

    * Watch over a portfolio of about 25 equities, and options intraday, so a monitor, probably two dedicated to just that.

    * a monitor set up to monitor movement in the the markets intraday, as well as charts for the djia, spx, and nasdaq and news.

    * a monitor for ES, YM, ER charting 1 min, 5 min, and 60 min, order entry, etc.,

    I've been looking at this setup, but could use some advice/comments:

    (I like the 8 monitor set up too, but wonder if that's information overload?)

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    I would have a very bad headache after a day in front of those! Cool though!:cool:
  4. If I were setting up as you describe, I would check out the T3400 with XP from Dell outlet + Nvidia Quadro NVS quad or dualhead video cards, as necessary. They will run up to 28" monitors @ up to 1920x1200 DVI.

    Tradingcomputers is well overpriced...

    If WinXPx64 would work for you... it's very fast.
  5. I thought tradingcomputers was overpriced. Just wanted to go with good hardware, as I do this for a living, and am not scared to pay for good equipment and service.

    Tell me more. What do you think the above set up would cost running six monitors? I don't know if I need six 28" monitors, but that would be pretty cool to have!:) I have a desk that would accomodate them.
  6. It partly depends upon how many monitors you want to run and at what resolution (you'll need different video cards if the number of monitors is greater than 4 and if you want to run 1920x1200 or higher on at least 2 of them).

    A T3400 ready for 2 monitors can be around $600 + tax and shipping at Dell outlet. You can use that for comparison shopping at local clone shops. The T3400 has an X38 mobo, so be sure to consider that when comparison shopping (a high end P35 would also be OK). Somebody might build you one cheaper, but you wouldn't want the cheapo mobo with "integrated video" commonly found in todays computers if you're planning to run more than 2 monitors.

    As for the monitors... anything from about $200-$800, or more... each, but nice 24" can be had for about $600 each.
  7. <i>"I manage opm, as well as daytrade. (Well, attempt to daytrade ...)"</i>

    the step(s) from attempting to successful day-trading include a significant amount of focus. In the past I traded index options that were held open for hours to days at a time. That allowed time for watching lots of stuff... once the trade was open, it went on autopilot because execution was slow & deliberate.

    Day-trading emini futures is a completely different story. Your intraday attention is already partially divided towards mandatory tasks of opm. That leaves you with less than 100% focus and attention by necessity on the emini charts.

    I strongly suggest you limit symbols and charts watched to fewest possible. For example, the ES and YM are synonymous. It's like trading SPX and OEX options together. There's no real point... might as well just trade one or the other and add size.

    The ES and ER differ enough so that one will commonly be on a buy or sell signal while the other diverges or is in flux between signals. You might seriously consider just working one or the other, so fleeting signals aren't missed while attention is diverted.


    Most newbie traders get all twitterpated when they see a dozen screens all stacked up, running countless charts and workspaces. It gives the illusion of information, power and control over markets. Reality is, that type of visual clutter does nothing but sap your most critical resource: mental focus on the task at hand.

    The really successful traders I know work from four screens max, and two screens are enough for individual trading with no other distractions. In a pinch, one laptop with one screen would suffice. At least that single-screen trading would be far more effective than eight monitors spewing currencies, commodities and stock market feeds to a scatter-brained, overloaded and overwhelmed mind.

    You have a necessary need for several screens. My advice is to limit that visual real estate to fewest decision points possible for accomplishing that. You'll make far more money in the end with fewer screens watched.
  8. Austinp...

    I think that is some of the better advice I've seen on ET... Especially the part about "having one's attention diverted because of too much input... and missing fleeting signals".

    "KISS"... where have I heard that before?
  9. <i>"That said the ER has shown strength relative to other indexes for the past week or more...both on an intraday and longer basis, may have more lift if/ when the market comes outta the hole..."</i>

    100% true. The small-cap index from 2003 to date have been what the SOX was thru 90's to 2002. Hot-money sector where markets bulls first looked for market bottoms, and where some people thought / think there is safe haven during bear periods.

    I would expect the ER2 to bounce furthest upside when the next leg higher arrives, but they will also accelerate downside and outpace the big indexes when selling capitulates into the lows we haven't seen yet.

    In other words, the ER2 will probably over-steer both directions due to the extreme emotional levels involved with its players. Just like the SOX = SMH used to be.

    Fact that size on the dome has resurrected from near death to all-time highs suggests to me that traders are dismissing the looming ICE migration. If the IWM shares continue to grow in popularity, it doesn't matter where the futures trade. MMs will need to hedge off share trades with futures in part or whole, which creates the movement we trade this symbol for in the first place. Mind-boggling how $100 bills are tossed into the wind all day long with ER2. Only need to catch a few, and add size :)
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    I've had a Trading Computers' 3-monitor setup for 3 years, and recommend them. Great support for setting up, software, etc., and I've had no hardware problems at all.

    Regarding how many monitors you'll want, that all depends on your software and how you have it set up. Only you can answer that.
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