Need advice on new trading workstation!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by cosmic, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. cosmic



    I will buy a next pc/workstation for my trading next week. Now I am considerung recent offers from Dell: one workstation with Dual Xeon & a high performance P4. What will be better suited for trading applications (running TS2000i,Excel,NeuralNetTool,GlobalServer,ESignal).

    Has anyone experiences with Athlons in realtime (12 hours) work? Maybe they get hotter than Intels P4 and therefore are not the best choice??

    Any hint appreciated!

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  2. danielc1


    I run an amd athlon thunderbird 1200 since two years, day in day out(+-18 hours), no problems...
  3. Hubert


    have had both ...

    both work finr for trading ..

    if you get the new intc with hyper theading you really dont need duals ...

    i like the intc better just because they dont have the over heat issue
  4. cosmic



    thank you both for your comments - I think the actual Dell Dimension 8250 with P4 3,06 and HT is a good choice for my needs, does anyone know a source where I could compare the P4 3,06 & 2x Xeon 2,8 in a test? Just like to know if the speed increase with the Xeons is that much for my approach...maybe Intel is the best choice if you demand ultra stability. :)

    Good trading,

  5. Hubert


    tomshardware extreame and tech
  6. gnome


    Suggest you try your setup on a LOW-END P4 if you can. If your apps don't require real power or are not CPU hoggs, you won't see any big benefit from a high power machine. (Like most ETers, I run a dozen apps in my trading package... but my CPU use is always 10-30% and I don't have any heat issues.)

    Try something like a P4, 1.8Ghz, 512 RAM,... + low-end video cards... things that don't need fans to cool. If your trading package works with this low-end setup, you'll save a lot in $$$, noise, and heat.... That is, of course, unless you want max performance for gaming too. :cool:
  7. cosmic


    Sure, you are right - I will not need a "monster" one for realtime trading. But in the evening my system gets retrained, so I want to make sure it learns as fast as possible...:D

    Guess I stick with a normal P4 2,4 & 1GB RDRam and then wait and see what HT2 will bring for us!

    As always: Good trading!

    COSMIC :)
  8. gnome


    Don't let this blow your mind...

    About a year ago I changed my system from PII, 350, W98... to P4, 1.6Ghz, Win2000. Motivation was to get by the reliability issues of W98. It worked just fine.

    However, the speed of data, charting, virtually everything, remained effectively UNCHANGED.

    So, unless your software apps require big power, most of what you pay for in a high-end machine will go unused in a trading platform.
  9. That also has to do with the fact that 2000 takes up more memory than 98 and the P4 has a longer instruction pipe line than the P3. So increasing you system specs by a moderate amount will in some cases will do little more than just bring you even.
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