Need advice on laptops for trading

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    I need advice on laptops for trading. What would you recommend?. I am considering Sony VAIO F Series VPC-F232FX/B because of its 1920 x 1080 resolution.

    My Budget: $0-1500
  2. I use Laptop, but frankly its quite hard to move screens around etc..
    I would say buy a Desktop Machine.. with multiple monitors
  3. I think it's very hard to find a good laptop.

    I narrowed it down to two brands. Dell and MSI

    The MSI I got has the 1920 display....but I don't see it here.

    anyhow, go figure, trading is like gaming. so you need a good gaming laptop

    desktops are better, but for another thread.

    MSI 15.6 inch screen is really nice. 3 months, no issues.

    good luck.

    and don't use windows 8.
  4. All my trading is performed from a laptop and I've owned both VAIO's and Dell's. From my experience Dell is better quality and their support is much better. VAIO's usually look sleeker but I always have issues with them.

    Either way, you won't go wrong with the higher end VAIO or Dell's XPS line.
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    I thought you already addressed this, not much has changed

    Reliable manufacture
    Win7 64bit
    8gb RAM
    Resolution -- Filter/Google 1080p "1920x1080" --
    HDD whatever supplied - budget allowing 128gb SSD [samsung/intel]
    [usually less expensive to replace yourself]

    If you get a larger laptop with optical drive bay, you can use HDD as additional storage if desired.
    [Google: optical drive HDD adapter]

    Buy an external optical drive for the rare times you may need to load a DVD/CD

    Identify potential systems, search mfg refurb/depot and coupon sites for deals - Done
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    With all undue respect, your question is equivalent to:

    I need advice on cars for transportation. What would you recommend?

    Once you understand just how general the car question is, you will get that you need to provide specifics for us to advise you...
    How many markets do you trade? Swing, scalp? How many charts do you want to see? Do you want a cupholder with it? etc.etc.etc.

    P.S.: People traded on laptops 10 years ago, so compared to that, pretty much any laptop today will do. :)

  7. I don't use a laptop as a trading machine.
    But I love my TP-410
    Not too sexy but solid as a rock
    When it dies I'll buy a new TP (whatever flavor is available then)
  8. Whatever laptop you buy... just don't buy HP. :p :( Bad experiencessssss. (Need to multiply the plural).

    I have been eye'ing on:

    Sony Vaio 17.3" laptop model SVE17125CXB, 8GB memory, 750GB hard drive

    Last month they came on sale for USD $900. Resolution 1920x1080, i7 third generation processor, just about as fast as you can get for laptops.

    But I am staying put for now. Maybe next year to buy. Good luck!

    = = = = =

    BTW: Didn't I see EliteTrader go to a new forum design, and now we are back to the old design? Or did my eyes play tricks on me???
  9. I have a Dell Vostro laptop that I use for everything at home. Get one of their business laptops, they hold up quite well. Everyone says their support is great too, but I have never had to contact them.

    I could be wrong, but I feel like my Vostro doesn't have a lot of the issues you see with most laptops. Speed isn't an issue, and it never locks up on me or anything. I rarely have any issues with it, apart from my battery life wasn't great. That was my own fault for keeping it plugged in at all times.
  10. al I own is a laptop

    at first I was concerned I would need a larger size screen, but the salesman talked me into the Toshiba L655. If it ever blows up I will buy another one.

    what I like about it is, at night (or day) when I sleep I can just take it and set it open on a table by my bed

    I don't even use a desk anymore, just a papasan, with the laptop on the foot stool. And If I get tired I stretch out, put my feet up with the laptop in my lap.

    I run 3 forex accounts 24/5, no problem

    I was looking at a new Toshiba for a back up and asked about chips on this site and was told definitely choose the one with the Intel chip.

    The other great thing about laptops is you can run about 3 hrs during a power faliure, enough to get you evened up. And then just pack it up a drive to a wifi spot with power and keep going. Or in my case, I pay $50/mo for verizon wilreless.

    It is not uncommon on the rare nights when I have to meet somebody for dinner to tell them, "Ok, but I need a seat for my laptop." Beats the heck out of sitting there listening to conversation while you are worried about what is going on back home in the mkt on the desktop. I guess now these kids do it on iphone, but I like having one trading screen set up the way I like it.

    but yes, I like the Toshiba L655, The new one has a higher model number. I only had one problem, and that was it was set up so the curser followed you around wherever you pointed. Finally, I called Toshiba on a Saturday night, and the guy hacked into my computer and fixed it in just a few minutes. So...Good service.
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