Need Advice On FIOS

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  1. I have cable internet service now, and it is fine. The problem is, I also have Direct TV and I am off the introductory plan, so the cost is astronomical.

    I need to switch to a bundled service. I know that FioS is supposed to be the best, and it is available in my service area.

    I am a little confused as to how they actually distribute it around your house. I understand that the FioS cable comes into a termination box, usually in the basement or garage. What happens from there? I have an older house that is not internally wired. My cable service comes to my office through the outside wall, and the TV's are similarly wired. I use a wired router, and don't want to change that.

    Am I looking at a big hassle with Fios? I could go with a bundle from the cable company, but I understand that Fios is supposed to be better.
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    The FiOS line comes into the optical network terminator (ONT), which as you said is usually in the garage. I had FiOS with Verizon in Portland at a time when they were offering good deals, including free installation. The installer, who I presume was a contractor, was very accommodating. I have heard that FiOS vendors are no longer pushing the technology, favoring wireless instead because it is more profitable.

    Verizon was not offering TV at the time, so I went with phone and Internet only. Some time later, Verizon sold all their western business to Frontier which was a bit less technologically astute.

    The ONT was mated with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) so your phone does not go out when the power fails. From the ONT on is all conventional wiring. My guess is that you would save money and maybe get better service if you have that wiring done by a third party.

    The FiOS technology for phone and Internet was awesome. The only problems I ever had were component failures unrelated to the FiOS technology. The data was consistently clean and free of interference and performance was reliable.

    I never did use FiOS TV. I used Comcast cable for a while. Then one day I bought a digital antenna for indoor use and was totally blown away by how good the picture was. The reception in Portland was quite good. I have since moved to northern Colorado, and the reception here is disappointing, but I have found that I prefer getting my content via the Internet and DVD anyway. I now watch very little TV.
  3. to the op who said he's "off the intro plan" - have you tried calling them up and asking if you can get back on? you'd be surprised how often it works. i know people who have been on intro plans for years b/c they just keep calling up at the end and say "keep me on this intro plan or i'll switch" and it works.
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    OP, if you are able to get FiOS... don't hesitate and get it... you will be glad you did... I only wish VZ was around where I am, but sadly I am a slave to the monopoly of my cable company given I am way too far from a CO... you can always have your house cabled up new for around $75 a run around here.. no idea where you live, but go to a media/computer store and get a quote and upgrade your media cabling.. it will be well worth it..
  5. +1...I use FIOS and have been very happy with it. The internet is fast and extremely reliable. I have had it for 9 months and as far as I am aware it has only gone down once. I called them, they did a reset, and it was back online 15 minutes later. I use ToS and their servers have gone down several times during trading hours the last few months, but never my FIOS.