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    There are many smart individuals who frequent this site who have been thinking out of the box all their lives, so I decided to give this question a shot here. My bother who is in his mid 40's got diagnosed with colon cancer, and in an effort to understand the disease I stumbled upon Dr Tullio Simoncini's supposed Bicarbonate based cure.

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    His website:

    If anyone has any first hand feedback on the above I would really appreciate the info.

    My thought for now is the best solution is probably a aggressive traditional western science based treatment regiment of surgery and chemo. For now my only suggestion to him is he go for second opinions and locate a good team of specialists to oversee his treatment regiment.
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    I know eating healthy and keeping a healthy low stress lifestyle can reduce chances of the dreaded C. Also heard the genes got a lot to do with it, as far as cures, never heard of anything reliable.

    My deepest sympathy for your brother and family.
  3. I would get an opinion at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

    Many/most other centers also have expertise, but Mayo just does everything to a uniform standard of excellence, with less variability than elsewhere.
  4. Imo, more importantly than understanding the disease is understanding the mental health issues your brother will face. A cancer diagnosis is devasting to the thought process.

    Be sure he has a responsible caring care taker to attend Dr visits with him. Help him understand his medications and chemo pros and cons. They have a pill for every side effect. (On the flip side, every ache and pain will be attributed to the cancer - just the way that works).

    Please address the issue of anti depressant medication. Ask an oncolgy nurse how important a good attitude is to effective treatment.

    Sometimes adults, when they get sick are worse than kids. Refuse to take medication, skip doses, get an attitude, etc. Anti depressant meds will help with this problems and so will the fact when you say "I'll tell the Dr" because he knows you are his care taker. Wierd how that is, but you never know how people will react.

    Be ready for anything or as I like to think of cancer as sailing into a shitstorm. No clue what's next but it's seldom good at the moment.

    Good luck, carry on and welcome to planet chemo, where everyone gets a turn in the infusion chair.
  5. 99% of the alternative cancer"cures"are bogus. be very careful about going out of the mainstream.
    colon cancer if it has not spread outside the colon is curable. they just cut out the diseased section of the colon and reconnect. pretty standard nowdays.
    as far as why he got it its hard to say but lots of red meat is a risk marker. diet ect can help avoid cancer but once it has grown you cant cure it with diet.
  6. dont feel bad. i have known at least half a dozen people who have gone to one of their centers. every one failed. they dont have anything more than the major cancer hospitals have and are very expensive. i think they excel at marketing hype though.
  7. We don't know staging/progression here. I have a friend who was diagnosed with a Stage III adenocarcinoma of the colon. He gave himself a 6-month window of self-treatment before he would agree to chemo/rads.

    He limited animal protein, juiced veggies and took the following supplements:

    Astaxanthin (Nutrex-Hawaii)

    TA-65 Cycloastragenol/Astragaloside (Geron licensed to TA Sciences)

    Astragalus extract

    Curcumin (high dose)

    Resveratrol (high dose 2-3g) from Resvida and natural (vitis vinifera)

    CoQ10 (1g daily)


    Vitamin C

    The TA-65 is a single molecule isolated from astragalus. He took additional extract simply to amplify the apparent benefits as the TA-65 was running $3,000 to $5,000 a month.

    The astaxanthin was taken at 100mg a day, which is a fairly large dose as well.

    In any event, his films are clear a year later. Anecdotal as it's one individual, but if I was diagnosed I know what I'd do. I'd substitute a high quality astragalus for the TA-65 as the isolated TA-65 isn't likely as beneficial (in this application) as the extract.
  8. Different cancer treatment centres have different success rates, so it pays to research. This link is for the top 10. I would favour a place that either directly conducts or is related to a centre conducting active research.

    It is going to be tough for your brother, and emotionally draining for family members, especially those directly involved in care and support. Here I speak from direct experience with my mother.

    Good luck.
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    oh, just fly to fukushima reactor, much cheaper than radiotherapy in "prestigous" american hospital!!!!

    allright, lets get real.

    the logic is this.
    the body heals ITSELF from cancer. there can be no other way.
    when it can do it? when it has.... what?

    i ask what?


    think clearly sheeple.
    (oh i know thats a hard part)

    again, what?

    ok folks i got an answer for ya. a big one.

    god damn it, it needs energy to heal!
    whole lots of energy baby!

    now, our body energy is a balance between what you put in and out.
    what gives the largest amount of clean, pure, bright, shiny, warm, vibrant, happy energy?

    The Holy Sun.
    Dear lord, thats gotta be the same thing which brings life to all plants animals, humans, fish and sarah palin, honey bunny?
    Congrats, your guess is just about right.
    Not only that, suns give and sustain life of billions of other civilizations in the universe since millions of years. It kind of gives these bright balls a credibility, huh? Or maybe the medical doctors who drunk whiskey every weekend and poop 3 times a day are more powerful? you be the judge :D

    And how do you SPEND energy?
    1. Oh well when you talk to lawyers, financial advisers or negotiate with your wife.... hell lots of energy is spent. cut it off.

    2. When you digest FOOD. especially hard to digest shit like alcohol, white sugar, baked or fried carbs.

    Brothers, thats precisely why Gerson therapy works. you drink apple and carrot juices and yiiikes... nothing else. almost zero digestion- energy explodes higher.

    3. when you are under stress. your MD will give you plenty of it, just wait and listen.

    4. little or no nutrient dense foods. again, you supply the body with nutrients and spend the least amount of energy digesting them.
    which are the most dense?

    Here is the BOLD , magic secret, fellas. Foods, which were exposed to the strongest amount of sunlight! -> so they have the most pigment.
    i'm talking about chlorella, turmeric, blueberries, black cumin, black sesame seeds, hemp oil, flaxseeds. Flaxseeds? right, thats why Budwig diet works too.

    Gimme a Nobel Prize for this post, coz its The most valuiable you'll ever see. period
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