Need advice on a charting package with certain features, please!!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by magcf, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. magcf


    Hi there. I wonder if anybody can suggest a charting package (no trading/order capabilities needed) compatible with eSignal data (for ES e-mini) that not only plots any intraday X min. chart on any intraday Y min. chart like they all do (example: 5m plotted on 30m, possibly as box style), but also:

    1) plots any Z days charts on any W days chart (example: a 2-day chart in a 10-day box) updating both live (so they look like EOD charts where every synthetic bar is any given number of days, but they are updated live in real-time)

    2) that uses the OPEN of a time period as time stamp, NOT the CLOSE

    3) and possibly that uses exchange time instead of local time.

    I have used FibonacciTrader for years, but it does not do N-day charts, only D on W or M/Q/Y (apart from that it's perfect for my needs, it does all the rest above). I have not considered eSignal charting as I would prefer a purchase rather than leasing, but if it's the only way I will re-consider it.

    I have also tried Ninjatrader 7 notwithstanding the local, close-based time stamp, but it has a bug that I have reported to them (and they said it's been recognised and will looked into for future releases), it does NOT do the N-day charts correctly (it drops the initial data at the beginning of the contract in the construction of larger time frames, you can read about it here: ).

    Thanks for any help, really appreciated.
  2. Metamega


    Could try Amibroker. They have a free trial which I think the only limitation is it won't save data.

    They have a esignal real time plugin so that makes the integration easy.

    Only issue is I'm not sure of exactly what your doing. But afl so far the only limitations are my imagination.
  3. magcf


    Thanks. I mainly do price action with time frames coordination, so no back-testing or portfolio analysis necessary, no mechanical or automated strategy.
  4. Metamega


    Oh. Well it works fine as a charting package. Afl is just the language used for everything. From building custom indicators to chart time frames. Just google amibroker charts and flip through the images.

    Just thought I'd throw it out there as you'd be surprised and the licence is cheap and it works with esignal right off the bat.

    Or email support with what your looking to do. Their a small team and know their product inside out.
  5. Metamega


    Oh. But I would warn that it wouldn't be easy for myself to do. It can get quite complex for someone like myself with no programming experience.

    Edit. Tried googling two timeframes one chart and didn't come up with any examples so maybe not supported.
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  6. sakisf


    If you are willing to ditch e-signal for data and get another data provider, sierra charts can do that all.
  7. M.ST.


    You can overlay multiple time frames in AmiBroker.
    (Actually you can plot anything.)
  8. magcf


    Thanks everyone. Anybody has experience with Ensign, Multicharts, Metastock, Wealth Lab... regarding the characteristics mentioned above? I am just asking first, as to go through them all in trial periods would be a bit of a nuisance... I am not mentioning TradeStation because for the time being I am looking for a charting package only, not a brokerage service.
  9. MotiveWave

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    If you like FibonacciTrader, you should look at MotiveWave. We have all of the functionality you mention. Although we no longer support eSignal as a connection option, we do have 30+ brokers and data service providers to choose from.
  10. zuzuzaza


    Could you please share the code that can plot this multiple timeframe.
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