need advice for book(s) about options

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  1. Hi!
    I´m a profitable stock daytrader and want to start trading mid-longterm too. I want to use options a s a vehicle.

    Would be happy to get some advice about the best books on option trading strategies.

    Thx a lot
  2. Carl K

    Carl K

    Learn Basic options - "Options as a Strategic Investment" Lawrence G. McMillan
    Then a more advanced one - "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" by Charles M. Cottle
    cws - 2005 revision is Free at
    "Option Volatility & Pricing" by Sheldon Natenberg (many call the Bible)
    also has good seminars (some Free)
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    Amoung the best are 3 top trader books/Jack Schwager, and,
    topline this green page.
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    I found "McMillan on Options", by Lawrence G. McMillan to be very informative. A little advanced in parts but all the strategies are all there, with antidotal stories for each.
  5. My three recommendations:

    Options as a Strategic Investment by McMillian- the bible of option trading and will cover all strategies and option basics and advanced topics. Great all around text. One-stop shopping.

    Option Volatilty and Pricing by Natenberg- great book on option volatility and the greeks which are a must to understand for succesful trading.

    The Option Trader Handbook:Strategies and Trade Adjustments by Me (Philip Budwick) - advanced book focusing on adjustments to make to stock or option positions using options to lock in a profit, hedge your positions, increase your returns or limit your loss. Great way to learn how to add options to your stock positions for better risk management or how to trade options and make adjustments. Bias from me obviously but i think it is still a good book.

  6. thx a lot!
  7. you can checkout past editions of Active Trader, and their new online mag Options Trader which is available for free download every month.
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    Remember a back options Issue of Active Trader. still have it;
    bluegreen cover; not a substitute for Big Trends book by Price Headly.

    Option swing trading system , article by Price Hedley, tested for 10 years.:cool:
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    Trading Options to Win, by S.A. Johnston