Need Advice, Developing Shorting for Automated Trading system

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  1. Arastormx


    Hey all,

    Here recently I've developed an Automated trading system. I have the long positions programmed in and back tested with fantastic results, however, I'm having trouble with shorts.

    I need advice on a strategy for the shorts. Specifically indicators and combinations of indicators that you might think can work with automated intra-day shorting of positions.

    Thanks for the help guys.
  2. how could you have trouble with shorts? are you waiting for it to go down before you short it?
  3. I have several systems I can disclose to you in detail here but before that I need you to tell me how much you want to make a day and the instruments you trade. $500, $1000, $2000, or what? It makes a difference to the particular edge.
  4. i seek to make 10,000 a day.

    pleze customize your advize to that modest gole.
  5. R U the OP? If thatz the case then you forgot to change your name. If thatznot the case, you got to wait in line. He must become rich first. Not 2people must use the same edge yo.
  6. lol
  7. So you're a paper trader?

  8. Seriously...

    You don't provide enough information.

    Which market?
    What kind of strategy?
    Does your system rely on specific order type like Limit, Stop, Market etc. etc.?
    Test dataset?
    etc. etc.
  9. Unit001


    What indicators or combination of indicator ????????LOL

    he is good for up but he needs a shorting strategy that works LOL

    those of you who believe this crap and can't recognize a complete noob when you see him LOL at you the most
  10. Unit001


    is this why you are a small time amateur, a man who never grew up
    you don't see anything wrong with OP mentioning combination of indicators
    you don't see anything wrong when a person claims he can trade UP but not DOWN

    could it be TSGannGalt that you are a noob pretending you know shit :cool:

    it seems you gotta a lot of company on this web site

    where can I find some real traders I wonder
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