Need advice about base currency

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sukhen, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. sukhen


    Although I don't live in USA any more, I use US$ in forex markets as my base currency. As the US$ has lost its value against other majors and the currency of my country significantly, it's become a concern now. Since US can boast of most of the best of the professionals in any field in this plant, I still believe US economy has the potential for a roaring recovery if the political situations change but not sure when. FED has been absent in popping up the value of its currency. Now, the situation seems to be close to recession. If I convert my holdings whatever little I have in to Euro or GBP or Yen, there's a possibility of losing a very significant amount. Of course, it might be a good decision if US actually falls in to recession/depression but otherwise, if the policy changes due to election or whatsoever and Dollar bounces back, it'd be historically the worst decision. I am somewhat confused. I definitely appreciate if anybody tries to guide me what I should do in this situation. Thanks.