Need Advice: 3 Job Offers

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  1. Fellas,

    I'm a newbie to both this forum, and to a lesser extent, trading in general. I recently graduated from college and was lucky enough to secure three job offers from three professional trading firms. I'm not sure which would be best for launching a career in trading, and would appreciate any advice you guys have to offer. I'm a little torn as far as floor vs. screen, as well as options vs. futures. I know electronic trading is the future of trading, but some good stuff remains to be learned on the floor - especially in options I hear.

    The first offer I got was from an equity options market maker. They're totally on the screen and place a heavy emphasis on technology (I think they 3-5 programmers for every trader). There's a three month training period with salary, and then it moves to regular commission/draw. You eat what you kill, I guess.

    The second offer was at another options trading firm/market maker. This position would be on the floor of the CBOT as a clerk in the treasury options pits. Yearly salary plus bonus. This firm is also tech-heavy, with a hybrid operation of screen/floor traders.

    The third offer I got was from a well respected prop. firm which pays a yearly salary plus bonus as well for up to three to five years. The position would be first as assistant trader/trainee, then as a full-trader in treasury futures. On the screen as well.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys....
  2. Geeeezzzz dude, why not pray to God for an answer ... forums are not the place.

    Being that I'm responding, I like the 2nd and the 3rd.
  3. tomcole


    Take the one with the biggest salary - draw against commiss is a suckers game.
  4. simp1


    i would also go with 2 or 3 probably lean towards option 3 more !!! going for the opportunity with the highest salary is very short sighted if your going to be a good trader and truly believe that , option 3 should be taken.
  5. gnome


    Take the deal which offers [a] the most money early on. (Odds are, you won't be much good right off the bat, if at all, and more likely you'll get sacked), or the longest training period where little will be expected of you.

    If you are good, you'll soon be able to write your own ticket.
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    i would completely agree, go with the one that offers the best training scheme.
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    Go with the people that have shown a capacity to continue to innovate.

  8. who are the companies? I'm sure someone reading this post will have some info on them.
  9. range


    Go with the best firm.
  10. =======
    Chitown walley;

    a] Echo echotrader and add;

    b] As for the floor position, are you outgoing-extroverted or athletic?????;
    no where is it written you have to be , but cant help but notice most are, that are on floor.

    c] Even though was born in 1955, on a major decision like this would , if possible run it by Dad, Mom, or Grandad, grandmom, and would consider pay since I dont like working for someone else and never have liked working for some one else.

    Hope this helps
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