Need Access to Thomson/First Call data

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by Diamond Geezer, Oct 25, 2005.

  1. Will rent a desk, pay some of the cost, whatever it takes to get access! I'm in downtown NYC.

    I'm a full time prop trader that relies heavily on analyst earnings estimates and Thomson Financial has the best product out there but its very expensive.

    Right now I'm using a combination of Zacks Pro Screener, Briefing and Starmine's amateur stuff.

    I'm well capitalized and series 7 licensed. Thanks
  2. What is the monthly cost of First Call?
  3. Think Bloomberg type pricing - ie expensive

    Can't give you specific number because I could not get their sales rep to give me one

    He wanted to come in and make a presentation, explain the different modules and then "tailor a solution". So I guess it depends on which modules you use and some other formula.
  4. I thought everyone uses First Call estimates on the Street so its available widely & publicly--> No?

  5. It's called Thompson ONE now. Mid-level package will run >$2500/month
  6. Analyst estimate revisions contain valuable short term momentum information. The key inputs are

    1) Which analyst (look for the top rated analysts in their industry - check for data on this)

    2) By how much - i.e. large estime revisions matter most as do situations in which a key analyst "sticks his/her neck out" or provides a new estimate that diverges strongly from the consensus

    3) Timing - estimate revisions right after an earnings announcement don't provide much insight. In the week or two coming up to the earnings date is the sweet spot. Analysts who meet conditions one and two above and this timimg condition, provide good buy/sell short signals.

    Unfortunately the granularity of info needed is as mentioned above really not available. Zacks comes closest to Thompson though.