Need a vasectomy ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Banjo, May 19, 2012.

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    "Need a vasectomy ?"

    No thanks, already had one.
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    When I went back for follow up with doc after mine, doc said I was pretty hilarious. I guess the knockout meds turned me into a quite the comedian. He said they had to tell me to shut up, so they could finish. One of the nurses had to leave for a couple minutes to compose herself and wipe away tears.
    Too bad this was before the era of Youtube, or I would have put it up, just so I could see it. I have zero recollection. My wife told me I was a babbling idiot the whole ride home also. Apparently about every other sentence was in reference to her having to kiss it and make the boo boo better. lol
    There is my too much info for the day.
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    You got meds? Those SOB's didn't give me any meds, I drove myself home afterward.
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    Friend of mine just had it done. He said they gave him a shot in the sack, and that was all he got besides advice an not playing any sports for at least a week. Lol:D
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    My third is due any day now and then im seriously considering it shortly after. But just thinking about it makes me want to vomit.

    Any advice the victims can give me would be appreciated. Good or bad.
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  8. If you ask me, the dude has game. Women tripping over themselves to bang this guy. :p
  9. "We" probably paid a million dollars in hospital bills for the delivery of his kids. Every one probably has a birth defect.:cool:

    You know what needs to be taught in school. Civic responsibility.
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    Lucrum the fuck up! :D
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