need a trading engine

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by RockMachine, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Can anyone recommend a reputable programmer to automate
    a strategy for 100's of equities intraday. PM please.
  2. What platform are you using?

    Each platform should have a list of registered developers that can be of help.
  3. Using NinjaTrader and happy with it's performance. The problem is It cannot handle many 100's of stocks @ the same time.
  4. Thanks for your reply but NT cannot handle what I am trying to do, ie trade ex. 250 stocks at the same time. I believe that traders that apply strategies to many instruments simultaneously are using custom solutions. I have had some bad experiences w/ non-trader types building stuff in the past.

    Was hoping to fish out some 10111010111 savvy programmers
    that were looking for some beer money.
  5. Marketcetera can do what you want. I'm always looking for beer money.
  6. Any financial programmer who is experienced will NOT work for beer money. :)
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  7. Semantics. Or perhaps we don't drink the same beers. :)
  8. januson


    Maybe I will work for beer money, but I will not promise you anything before the first five :D
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